Upload page Help

This page controls which files are created for export and then uploaded to selected selling venues.  There are basically two (2) sections:

  • User ID's and Passwords
    • There are three (3) columns:
      • Venue - this is the venue name; currently there are 10 venues that support the FTP (file transfer protocol) which is used to upload the file(s) to the venues.  Note that you do NOT have to upload using this app; you can do it manually from each site's web page.  Note: Amazon is not listed here because it does NOT use User IDs or this type of password; see Settings page for Amazon settings.
      • User ID - this is your id for each of the venues; if you don't use a particular venue, don't put anything in either the User ID textbox or the Password text box. 
      • Password - the password for the particular venue associated with your User ID.
      •  NOTE: at the present time, you have to create the files and email them to yourself; from there, you can download the files from the email, and upload those files to each venue manually.  We are working on automating this function.


  • Check box to create files
    • There are 10 listed venues next to checkboxes; just check the ones you want export files created for (for the most part, each is unique to the particular venue);  once the export files are created.  If you don't check the venue, an export file will not be created.
    • There are three (3) options that control what is exported:
      • Books waiting to be uploaded - this, and the counter to the right of it, is used to export ONLY the books that have been added or updated since the last upload; this is to prevent multiple books being listed on the venue.
      • Purge/Replace - this option will create an export file with every book not marked SOLD (with a 0 quantity) in your inventory so you can create a clean list of books in the particular venue.  Note that if you select this option, ALL venues that are checked will be sent an export file marked for purging of the existing inventory.  If you only want this to occur for one venue, export and upload to all of the other venues, then do that "purge" venue separately.

    • After you choose the venues, tap on the Create Selected Files followed by tapping on the Send via eMail button, which will create the file(s) for the selected venue(s), and will email each of the files as attachments to the email.  If you have any problems, please notify us using the Feedback section on the Settings page and we will respond as quickly as possible.

  • Send via eMail
    • Fill in the email address you wish to send the file to; currently the app only creates a TAB delimited file, which is acceptable to any spreadsheet program or app.  Tap the button Create Selected Files and when done, Send via eMail to and ALL the files will be created and attached to the email, and sent to the provided eMail address.