A unique iPad app that allows salon owners to manage their clients and appointments in a efficient manner, with notes, images and client information.

Our hope is to make this the premier appointment app for Salons of all types.  If you have any requests for functions that you feel would be beneficial to all users, please let us know by using the Feedback section on the Settings page.

Make sure you read the Help section for each page; this is very important... it will save you a lot of grief in the long run.  Help can be found by tapping on the blue circle with the ? in the center.


Major Features for each page include:

  • SalonBook now features device (iPad) sync'ing on a common iCloud account!  (version 4.0.0)

Opens to a calendar page, which shows the number of appointments per day (upper right corner of day). In addition, each days appointments are shaded with the name of the customer for easily seeing what the complete day looks like for all appointments.  You have the ability to make an appointment quickly with just the minimum of required information... and a separate page to see up to 12 week's of appointments and openings.

The Customer page shows a list of all of your customers with their personal details including an image of the customer's face (which can be updated at any time), personal information and notes.

The Appointments page gives you a complete list of each customer's appointments; you can choose which appointment you want to modify, delete or you can see the details for that particular appointment. This is where you can put notes for this appointment, save an image of results of today's apointment and more.  You can also set recurring appointments from the original appointment.

The Settings page is where you set the shop open and close times, list up to 12 staff names, choice of viewing times in 12 or 24 hour format, pre-defined nail and hair services, any custom services you offer and any additional services you wish to add to each of the previous categories, plus a few other options. The setup page is shown when the app starts for the first time; from that time on, you can change any of the settings as you wish.  You also have a choice of eight pre-defined color schemes for the calendar page.For all of the pages, you will find fully detailed Help information by tapping the blue ? button at the top right of each page; tapping any of the links in the menu above will also get you to the same pages.  Either way, translation is provided by Google Translate, which may or may not be perfect; we apologize.